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2019 Annual Spring Show & Awards

2019 Annual Spring Show & Awards
  • Test Award - Teah B.

    This year’s Test Award recipient is Teah B. During 2018, Teah passed Juvenile & Intermediate Moves in the Field, Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary & Pre-Juvenile Free Skate, and 6 dance tests across 3 levels! Way to go Teah!
  • U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist - Megan H.

    The club honors members who attain this highest level of achievement with their Gold Medal from U.S. Figure Skating. This year we honor Megan H – Megan earned her Gold Medal for Dance. Megan has also already earned Gold Medals in Solo Dance and Moves in the Field. Congratulations Megan!
  • Sportsmanship Award - Noelle B.

    The recipient of this award demonstrates the character, practice and skill of a sportsman. This person exhibits qualities of fairness, courtesy and good temper; also this person is humble, no matter the outcome and result of testing and competitions. This year’s Sportsmanship Award recipient is Noelle B. Noelle was nominated because she works every second she is on the ice and follows the directions set by the coaches regardless of the actions of others. Noelle is kind to others, humble and gracious to her teammates.
  • Love to Skate Award - Josette P.

    Love to Skate Award recipient is Josette P. Not only is Josette a dedicated and passionate skating parent, she also skates, serves as a board member and is a very active volunteer for the club. She can be found at many learn to skate sessions, sharing her knowledge, wisdom and experience with other parents! Josette is also an excellent ambassador for figure skating, for the club and its programs! Congratulations Josette!
  • Gauker Family Qualifying Competitor's Success Award

    Megan H., and Christine T., who both previously represented Team Reflections, but for the past season have competed with their respective collegiate synchronized skating teams and recently competed at the U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships in Plymouth, Michigan. Congratulations ladies!
  • J. Welby Non-Qualifying Competitor's Success Award - Elise

    This year’s recipient is Elise D. Elise is a Junior at Central Dauphin High School. She competes at the Pre-Juvenile test track level in competitions throughout the year. Congratulations Elise!
  • Most Improved Skater - Abigail O.

    The recipient of this award is the skater who has best demonstrated their determination, improvement, & success for improving overall skating skills. This year’s Most Improved Skater Award recipient is Abigail O. Over the course of the year, Abigail passed Preliminary Moves in the Field test & 8 dance tests! She also advanced from competing at the beginner free skate level to the no-test level and is now landing her axel. Way to go Abigail!
  • Recognition of Skating Professionals

    A big thanks to all the coaches who joined us for today’s Spring Show!


2019 Annual Spring Show & Awards