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2020 Basic Skills Competition

Golden Blades Series

Golden Blades Series is a *NEW* Basic Skills competition series for beginning skaters!

The format of a competition series is at least three or more local competitions join forces and all participating skaters earn points for their placements, which are totaled up throughout the series. During the last competition of the series, the top point-earners in each level receive an additional award for their participation.

A trophy will also be awarded to the club with the highest accumulated points from the skaters who participated. 


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The Central PA Figure Skating Club is pleased to announce we will host a Basic Skills (Compete USA) competition*.

  • Where:  Twin Ponds East
  • When:  Saturday, May 2nd

Events include all levels of Snowplow Sam, Basic Skills, Free Skate, Compulsory, Test Track and Well-Balanced events through the Preliminary level as well as Hockey Events.

The competition is open to ALL skaters who are current eligible (ER 1.00) members of either the Learn to Skate USA program and/or are full members of U.S. Figure Skating.

Please note, although it is recommended, having a private coach is not required to participate in a Basic Skills/Compete USA competition. Students taking group lessons are welcome to compete. There will be volunteers available to assist competitors in the Basic Elements level events.

*Sanction pending